Friday, 9 December 2016

New Menu at Montana Singapore

[Montana Singapore]

Montana had recently revamped their menu and came up with quite a number of  new dishes, including freak cakes. The area on ground floor which was once occupied by South Bronx burgers, is now converted into a drinking bar too.

Were the new dishes impressive? Its for me and my foodie gang to find out. We started off with our coffee as usual and patiently waited for the new dishes to be served.

[1] Montana Bangers & Mash $18.00

- Potato foam with century eggs was interesting and had a smoky, sourish aftertaste. Foam was very smooth, like a dip but I still preferred something with a bite. It's a love or hate thing..

[2] Miso Brown Butter Linguine $15.80

- Linguine texture was perfect, al dente. Overall this dish was like carbonara, very creamy but the creaminess was slight heavy for me. Miso wasn't distinctive which was a pity, punch wasn't there.

[3] Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle $16.50

- This was definitely not your usual chicken meal. Marinated with five spices, it was so fragrant and skin fried till super crispy. Meat juices were locked within, giving us very juicy and tender flesh. The ginger-plum dipping sauce that came with it was also a hit among all of us too. Great with the chicken but BEST for waffle dipping!
Ying told us the much efforts to prepare this dish. Most importantly, chicken after soaked in oil and kept in a zipped bag, they were dropped in water bath instead of traditional confit cooking way because traditional way dries out the chicken flesh.

[4] Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw $24.00

- Among all the new dishes I tried, I love this burger most. Crab patty was savoury, firm and meaty. Uniquely it had otah aftertaste!! A very different experience indeed with crab plus otah. Even the bun tasted good! Yum yum.. Not forgetting to mention, the yuzu coleslaw inside the burger which paired so well with the seafood. Generous portion of thick, fat fries were served on the side.

[5] Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cake $14.80

- The pretty outlook reminds me of childhood and ya kun kaya toast but 甜在脸上,苦在心里. As the kaya frosting was too sweet for me, the bitter sponge cake neutralized the overall sweetness and made this combi perfect. Try it out with the grated coconut shavings too as the coconutty fragrance will filled up your whole mouth. Great for sharing, folks!

[6] Smoky Nutella Freak Cake $14.80

- Compare with the other Coffee Kaya Coconut freak cake that we had, I love this creation more. The chocolate wasn't too jelat, probably because the Nutella lapsong souchong (black tea) buttercream neutralizes the overall sweetness. The glaze was also dark chocolate. Nutella sponge cake texture was softer and fluffier too. If I wasn't controlling my sugar intake, I think I could finish this whole thing on my own.

** Overall, I loved their changes. Hits and misses definitely have, as taste was indeed subjective, but the new dishes did impressed me, especially the freak cakes. There were more items awaiting for us to try them out so I will be back for sure! Heard that Montana's Christmas menu out soon! Stay tuned **

📍 Montana Singapore
1 Selegie Road
POMO Mall, Unit 02-25
Singapore 188306
Opens daily
Mon to Thurs 11.30am - 9.30pm
Fri 11.30am - 10.30pm
Sat 9am - 10.30pm
Sun 9am - 9.30pm

Friday, 11 November 2016

Where Fairytales Come Alive- Little House Of Dreams

[Little House of Dreams]

A place where your fairytale dreams come true. Little House of Dreams (LHOD) was managed by two pretty ladies, Audrey Lee and Grace Goh, they surely understands what girls love! The color theme for the whole restaurant was pastel pink, so sweets, girls totally couldn't resist.

Collaborating with Ben and Jerry's ice cream within this same premises currently, you could enjoy good food and quality ice cream at the same time. LHOD used to sell only bread and cakes but after moving to this current location, they have hot food now.

We started our night with some appetizers:

[1] Portobello Fritters $12.90

- We all knew good food coming before it reaches our table. All thanks to the fragrance from the truffle oil. Portobello fritters were so crispy, drizzled with truffle oil on the outside and best of all, it wasn't soaked with oil when we bite our way through it!! So good I think I could have a few servings on my own.

[2] Sambal Sotong $16.90

- These 2 sea creatures were presented to us in a nice char. "Almost" grilled to perfection but I thought cooking time could be a little shorter to keep the tenderness of the flesh. The flesh itself tasted slight garlicky and goes really well together with the sambal chilli.

[3] Salted Egg Yolk Calamari $13.90

- Salted Egg Yolk food items wasn't new to any one of us here, it has been trending for more than a year already. What made LHOD's dish stood out? Their version of salted egg yolk sauce was thick, grainy with salted egg bits and not salty. The proportions of salted egg, curry leaves and chilli were perfect where each individual ingredients did not overshine each other. Great on these breaded calamari! LHOD could consider using this sauce to create new dishes too.

[4] Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (4pcs) $15.90

- Look at these wings!! Chicken wings were huge and juicy within. Skin deep fried till super crispy, lightly marinated with prawn paste and a dash of herbs. A pity the marinade did not penetrate into the meat completely otherwise they would have tasted even better.

[5] Drinks:
[a] Iced Chocolate $7.90

- My kind of drink but it wasn't chocolatey enough for me. I preferred thicker sinful ones.

[b] Green Garden Fruit Fizzies $8.90
[c] Pink Passion Fruit Fizzies $8.90
[d] Lavender Blue Fruit Fizzies $8.90
[e] Sunny Day Fruit Fizzies $8.90

- These non-alcoholic thirst quenchers were more interesting. Pretty colors and interesting flavours made us couldnt make up our mind which to try first. We ordered the 4 most popular ones to try out. My favorite was the Pink Passion Fruit Fizzies. I love slight sourish drinks as it gave me more appetite to eat more!

[6] Big Breakfast $16.90

- For this price we paying, portion served was really generous. Scrambled egg was done pretty well, just the way I love my eggs to be. The spinach and mushrooms were a little salty but they definitely complement the bread well. Served all day!

[7] Seabass wif Salad $34.90

- Fish meat was firm and succulent. Pretty to my eyes and tasty on my palate. The chef made the pan-fried potato balls looked like scallops, Genius! My 2nd most loved mains for the night.

[8] Pork Ribs wif Salad $32.90

- Whenever I order pork ribs, I'm most concerned with the tenderness of the meat and the sweetness level of the marinates. Lucky this plate didn't disappoint me. The marinates wasn't overly sweet and carried off a smokey aftertaste. The meat fell off bones easily, tender and nice.

[9] Spaghetti Laksa Prawns $26.90

- Tadahhhh.. My vote goes to this spaghetti laksa prawns for best dish tonight. Look at the huge prawns we were given! Very fresh and crunchy. The spaghetti texture was al dente and every mouthful you could taste the spiciness of the sauce. I love the fiery kick from the laksa sauce, but I could take something spicier. If only the sourish from the tomato base could reduce, I believe the laksa taste would outstand more. Nevertheless, this was still my top choice :)

[10] Chilli Crab Bun $19.90

- Who don't love crabs? Everyone on this table loved them! Chunks and chunks of generous crabmeat were made into patties and served to us in a delicious bun made in-house. Look at the Chilli crab drizzle, so generous and everything overflows! We almost licked up the plate *haha*

[11] Pulled Pork Sandwich $17.90

- If we compared this pulled pork sandwich with the chilli crab bun, the former crabby was so much better. Pulled pork was too dry and tough for my liking. Overall lacked the juiciness of meat which I found it a pity.

- On a side note: Both plating for crab bun & pulled pork sandwich really need to change. It really looked bad on such a big wooden board with only the stand alone bun/sandwich. The look quite turn us off even before we started eating.

After all the savory stuff, finally it's time for girls best friends: DESSERTS! No matter how full we were, we definitely can bring out another tummy for the sweets!

[12] Sticky Date Pudding wif Vanilla Ice Cream $13.90

- Sticky date pudding was so good, we wiped it out in seconds. Every mouthful you can taste the fragrance of dates. Beware: It could get very sweet if you pair with the bananas given but we gals dun care! Whack!!

[13] Creme Brulee $10.90

- Tofu-liked vanilla custard base was smooth and slippery, eventually disappeared after touching our tongues. The torched sugar crust gave it more flavour. I would say it's a common item which can do with or without.

[14] Vanilla Bloom Pot $6.90
[15] Pandan Rose Bloom Pot $6.90

- These mini pots piped so beautifully with flower petals attracted us at first sight! Almost too pretty to eat them. Vanilla bloom pot tasted less sweet with a very nice milky flavour and fluffy sponge cake below. As for Pandan Rose, the frosting was too sweet although it smells good. But I couldn't finish the first mouthful. The Pandan cake below was slightly dense too. This flavour definitely for the sweet toothies only.

[16] Rainbow Cake $9.90

- Who don't love Rainbow? Most girls do! It was the last slice on the cake tray that night but we managed to get hold of it. Cake texture was dense and compact, with thick layers of cream in-between which I love. If only the different layers of colors could represent a different fruit flavour, I believe it would attract more attention and buying power.

[17] Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake $7.90

- Compared to the previous cake to this, I prefer the latter. I love the saltiness which neutralizes the overall sweetness of this chocolate cake.

[18] Snickers Cheesecake $7.90

- If you're a cheese lover, then this was for you. Thick heavy luscious cheese which I don't feel jelat even after the whole slice was gone. Texture was really smooth on the tongue and snickers' chunks brought up the chocolatey nutty aftertaste.

** We were so full after grubbing down so much food. Our dining experience was enjoyable, especially with whole jing gang of people who loves food. The newly introduced hot items on the menu needed some fine-tuning to make better. Dessert cakes were good on the whole, it was what LHOD specializes in anyway. They do serve macarons and messy jars too! Love the whole ambience the most, was very princessy, it definitely perk up the happy mood in us. **

📍 Little House of Dreams
Block 8 Dempsey Road
Unit 01-14
Singapore 247696
Tel: 64724977
Mon to Friday 11am - 11pm
Sat to Sun 9am - 11pm
( Last order for Hot Food 10.15pm)

[This was an invited tasting by Little House of Dreams. Thank you LHOD for hosting. ]

Friday, 21 October 2016

Wings! I believe I can fly~


Originated from USA, Wingzone was started by 2 men, Matt Friedman and Adam Scott. They came by developing this recipe of buffalo wings in year 1991, all because of Florida university students. At that time, pizza delivery was the only food for students studying late, which gave Matt and Adam an opportunity to provide an alternate choice to these students' boring pizza life. These buffalo wings recipes successfully conquered the hearts of USA and by year 2009, Wingzone went on their way to Global expansion.

Currently in Singapore, there's two Wingzone outlet. One situated in Bugis Plus shopping mall and the other newly set up store at Buangkok. I chanced upon Bugis outlet while shopping with my friends and we decided to give it a shot.

Wingzone menu was quite extensive, from their signature buffalo wings to drumsticks, hand-breaded tenders, burgers, salads, sides and desserts. As for choice of flavours for the meat, there were 15. We chose cool ranch, honey, buffalo bliss, garlic parm and thai chili. We ordered the buffalo wings set meals instead of ala carte, which came with side wedges fries and a drink at $10.95 per set. There's also option to top up additional $0.50 for Wingzone signature dips and dry rubs for the wedges. We added blue cheese dip and blackened voodoo rub. Lastly, cheese lovers like us couldn't leave the counter without ordering mozzarella sticks!

[1] Buffalo Wings (ala-carte $7.95)

[a] Cool ranch 

- Naked wings tossed with spices and herbs. Crispy skin but was a little salty. Most votes went to this flavour.

[b] Honey

- This flavour brought out a smokey taste unlike what the name describes. It wasn't sweet like honey but more on the bbq side.

[c] Buffalo Bliss

- These 3rd flavour we tried was sourish. The tangy aftertaste resembles tabasco. Not a crowd pleaser..

[d] Garlic parm

-  This flavour ranked my 2nd choice apart from the cool ranch wings. They tasted very garlicky, although slight salty but I still love them!

[e] Thai chili

- There wasn't any wow factor for this flavour. Too sweet, simply the common Thai chilli that we could get bottles from supermarts.

[2] Wedges Fries

- We had both the original wedges fries (2nd pic) and also the blackened voodoo seasonings (1st pic). Original ones were still the best! Voodoo tasted weird with spices that my tongue couldn't accept. Hahaha.. I guessed that's the reason behind how it was named! 

Not forgetting to mention these wedges fries comes in crinkled shapes. I do agree with my fellow foodies that these shapes did improve the biting texture of fries in our mouth.

[3] Mozzerella Sticks

- Anything with cheese usually won't go wrong because we all love cheese! Although Mozzerella sticks were commonly sold in any western F & B but we still love them. Eat them when hot to enjoy the gooey cheese within :)

** Although Wingzone uses fresh chicken wings instead of frozen ones, but I find the size too skinny. I still prefer big fat wings. Taste wise, the 5 flavours that we tried didn't pretty impressed me much. Nevertheless, I might come back for other flavours if I'm in this area. **

📍 Wingzone (Singapore)
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ Level 4
Singapore 188067
Open daily 11am - 10pm

Friday, 9 September 2016

KATTO: A Healthier Choice Sashimi Rice Box


KATTO, which means "cut" in Japanese, was started up by two brothers. Together with a bunch of good friends of theirs, coming together to bring us quality food which they specialized in; Sashimi. Having family in fresh food trading industry, all the sashimi you see at KATTO were self-sourced and self-imported. That was why KATTO promised to serve only the top quality, freshest cuts.

Apart from serving premium fish, the rice they used were from Hokkaido. Premium Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice that's milled in Singapore to keep the freshness. Together with 18 other grains mixed in, steamed in dashi broth, their version of white/brown rice definitely bring your palate to another level. You could choose cabbage base too, if you're not a carbo loading person.

How does this Sashimi ricebox works? For $12.90, you could order 2 mains of 140gm, 2 sides and a base of 250gm grains/salad. Mains were definitely the different varieties of sashimi. As for sides, there were edamame, pickled mushrooms, seaweed salad, miso buttered baby corns, tomatoes, pickled radish, cucumbers etc.

My first box was with California Unrolled, Creamy Goma Tuna, paired with 2 sides of Seaweed Salad and Mushroon on top of a mixture of white and brown rice.

[1] California Unrolled (Salmon)

It felt like having a California hand roll the "naked" "undressed" version. I love how creamy this combination was. The sauce was umami. Every bite was filled with generous seafood goodness from the fresh salmon cubes and kani sticks. The crunchiness from the cucumber and the popping of roe in my mouth made every mouthful delightful! Nomnomnom..

[2] Goma Tuna

Fresh Tuna cubes soaked in this rich, sesame flavour. The goma dressing was so fragrant! With toasted almonds and sesame seeds mixed in the sauce, so good, you wouldn't want to waste a single drop of it. As the base rice was a little dry, this dressing worked really well to make the grainy rice softer too. 

[a] Seaweed Salad

- Seaweed were indeed crunchy but tasted too bland for me. Although seaweed was rich in minerals and helps in maintaining collagen in our skin, but if they don't do something to the taste, I guessed I would give it amiss on my next visit.

[b] Pickled Mushrooms

- Mushrooms, fungus with good source of selenium (antioxidant mineral) and protein, eating more do no harm :) And by chewing these sourish tangy mushrooms, it gave me more appetite to consume more KATTO as the vinegar clears my palate. I liked this choice of side. 

On my 2nd visit to KATTO, I've chosen Chicken Rice Chilli and Classic Shoyu for my rice box.

[3] Chicken Rice Chilli (Salmon)

- A twist of asian touch I would call this and KATTO team was really bold to make this flavour. Like how it was named, it tasted just  like our usual chicken rice chilli but with salmon cubes rather than chicken. The seasoning and spiciness wasn't too overwhelming to shadow away the glory of the fresh salmon so it was a rather interesting choice which eventually worked for me.

[4] Classic Shoyu (Salmon)

- Among all 4 types of sashimi which I tried, this was the most common yet safest choice. Sashimi with shoyu, a classic way of eating, this combi will never go wrong. It was light weight, but the crispy seaweed bits and sesame seeds mixed in did made the overall taste tasted better.

[a] Miso Buttered Baby Corns

- Lightly grilled on the surface, these baby corns were still crunchy when bite. They tasted buttery while sweet on the inside. They went really well with the chicken rice chilli salmon sashimi.

[b] Pickled Mushrooms

- This was my second time choosing mushrooms as one of the sides. I still love it.

If you have a smaller tummy space, mini boxes were available too at $7.90 each. For a mini box, you could get 70gm sashimi, 1 side on a 250gm grains/salad base.

** Dining experience at KATTO was enjoyable. My tummy was happy :) For $12.90, the portion was definitely sufficient for lunch and most importantly, a healthier choice compared to fried kway teow or roast meat rice :) 

I find the sashimi flavours bold yet unique. Kinda love these fusion combi that KATTO provides now and awaiting to see new flavours soon! I'm hoping for my onsen egg or maybe teriyaki chicken on the menu soon 😋 **

1 Fusionpolis Place
Unit 01-21/22 
Galaxis@ One North
Singapore 138522
Mon to Fri 11am - 8pm
Sat 11am - 2pm