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Affordable Chinese Dishes at Ubi

[Pan Zhong Wu]
Situated inside a coffeeshop at a busy estate surrounded by industrial/factories, Pan Zhong Wu (盘中屋) had the advantages of drawing quite a number of crowd to their stall but at the same time, there's quite a number of competitors surrounding him.

Pan Zhong Wu (盘中屋) started operations from last year November, fully family owned. The boss, Mr Alex Lim, started off as a chef, then to logistics and now back to F&B line. When asked Alex why he decided to start F&B again, he said no particular reason because he just felt like doing it again (ermm..what a chic answer! 潇洒!). He also mentioned to us that all his 4 kids have grown up already so he have not much of worries anymore.
We started off with ordering of their recommended dishes, also their signatures as told by Alex. The first to come was the tofu dish.

[1] Signature Iced Beancurd $6/$12 small

Head chef made this tofu himself. Tofu texture was smooth and slippery. Together with the fried shallots and dried shrimps…

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