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Daegweol: Korean Comfort Food in CBD area


Along the stretch of shophouses on Tras street, was this newly opened korean restaurant, Daegweol. Taking over the space of May May Restaurant, Daegweol now joined in the fierce competition with other korean restaurants around the Tanjong Pagar vicinity.

A 45-seater restaurant with marble furniture, it’s a pretty cozy venue for meals. I was pretty amazed when the restaurant manager introduced us to the chef, Ms Yoni. Ms Yoni, 23 year old, from Busan. Look at her! I thought she’s from those korea girl pop group..

Ok, enough said. Let’s talk about their food. Among all the dishes I’ve tried, my votes goes to the Haemui Sundubu (Seafood tofu soup) $26.00 and Bibimbab (Korean rice bowl) $20.00. 

Both were comfort food which made me felt at home. Especially the Haemui Sundubu, enjoyed it hot and it warms up my tummy. Best time to enjoy this is on a cold or rainy day. I love the silkly smooth tofu and freshness of seafood which made me kept digging in till the bottom.

Weight watchers …

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